Date 09 7 月, 2021
Project Type 2021


12 Jul.,2021 – 04 Sep.,2021










Apparently, Or Not-2021 Yen Ding-Sheng Solo Exhibition

Born in 1960 in Jiangjun Village in Tainan, Yen Ding-Sheng graduated from National Taiwan College of Arts (now known as National Taiwan University of Arts) in 1983. He later earned an advanced degree from Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at Tainan National University of the Arts in 2004.

From the very beginning, imagining the technical fusion of Eastern and Western painting, to his return to the examination of his own place and space, confronting his thinking over the process of painting, he maintained a “deactivated” creative state – never satisfied with polished technique, but rather in every moment of creation to simply directly and honestly express his own culture and reflect on life and nature.

Yen Ding-Sheng’s works typically feature quiet and dusky spaces in states between dynamic and static. These sorts of tranquil and muted spaces and a feeling of slow flowing, express Yen Ding-Sheng’s introspection, outlook, and return to self, and experience nature’s rhythms in the moment with his art.

Yen Ding-Sheng’s art began with calligraphic lines in space as the cultural symbolism of the matchup between Eastern and Western painting. Subsequently, upon gaining awareness of contradictions in his creative thinking, Yen turned his focus to people, attempting to express his personal sense of place, culture, and memory through his art. Accordingly, having come from a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and run a traditional Chinese medicine dispensary himself, Yen began incorporating Chinese herbs as both symbols and media into his paintings, successfully melding his life experience into a local modern literati painting vernacular of his own.