Date 13 7 月, 2020
Project Type 2020


25 Jul,2020-05 Dec,2020



Chiharu Shiota







Chiharu Shiota has promptly attracted global attention through her unique behavioral (or performance) art, large-scale spatial installations, video art, stage design and other forms of creation. Moreover, she was the representative artist for the Japan Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 and her works have been exhibited in the major museums and biennales around the world.


By skillfully interweaving a variety of daily objects (especially those that have been used) with red, black and white yarns, Shiota creates the so-called field installations. The audience seem to be placed in a parallel in time and space. When they step into her installations, they are floating in the gaps between the threads as if all perceptions had been detached from their physical bodies. Those invisible, unspeakable and hidden in the depths of their hearts, such as emotions, memories, dreams, anxieties, fears and even death, gradually come to their minds. They cannot help but land and immerse themselves in the interstices between the nodes and threads before finally crossing through. It is hard to calm down as the hearts are still trembling!