Date 19 2 月, 2020
Project Type 2020


22 Feb,2020 – 18 Apr.,2020


蕭筑方HSIAO Chu-Fang







Viewing HSIAO Chu-Fang’s works is like reading her diary – being able to peek into her mind, to feel her understanding and thinking, and taste her varied emotions.

Picayune aspects and troubles of life are the minutiae that modern people face constantly in their daily lives. Most people laugh such things off, but HSIAO Chu-Fang takes a magnifying glass to look at every little peculiar thing or boring little action to make them her creative “themes”. In turn, her questions and descriptions reflect the most subtle, yet truest meaning of life.

The artist takes on the questions posed at each stage of life, and chooses her own way of responding. Each painting, like a little rhyme, is HSIAO Chu-Fang responding to the challenges that life throws her way. Sometimes they can be mocking or sarcastic, but every line is genuine, witty, and fun!