Date 28 11 月, 2018
Project Type 2018


01 Dec,2018 – 05 Jan,2019


張恩慈Chang En-Tzu




In Do You Still Recall, a solo exhibition of works by Chang En-Tzu, it can be seen there are symbolic figures along with graffiti which are unconsciously made, classic texts from the fairy tale and visual language of abstraction through the powerful materiality. In the series entitled Survivor, it represents simple and unadorned scenes of children and their families. The artist turns the reels of thread originally caused by embroidery layer upon layer in the backs into the fronts of the works, and deliberately creating intense traces.


張恩慈出生於高雄,曾獲得2008年高雄市立美術館第25屆高雄獎,2013年獲日本東京森美術館(Mori Art Museum)邀請參與十周年紀念展,是展覽中唯一受邀參展的台灣藝術家。


Born in Kaohsiung, Chang won the first prize of the 25th Kaohsiung Awards by the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2008. Besides that, she was the only Taiwanese artist invited to show her works in the 10th anniversary exhibition hosted by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Chang brings up a variety of hopes that women care about life and livelihood. Through the continuous lines, she winds her inner thoughts unfailingly and shakes off all the supression and slips of memory in the course of life. There is no doubt that she is a very promising artist who is expected to shine.