Date 18 9 月, 2019
Project Type 2019


07 Sep,2019 – 02 Nov,2019


周珠旺Chou Chu-Wang






Chou Chu-Wang once said that there are only two things in his life: family and artistic creation.

Chou (b.1978~) paints the scenery of his hometown in all four seasons, which convey his emotions and profound understanding of life. Drawing each and every stone turned into the memories and traces of moving on and coming alive. The stones before my eyes not only are the transformations of his memory of collecting the duck eggs and labor efforts in his childhood but also become the necessity of spiritual sublimation. Collecting eggs and drawing stones are actually the same thing. To the viewers, drawing stones is just dry as dust; for the artist, there is no Chou Chu-Wang without the stones. He says that he has been cultivating his inner state under the guise of realism. All the strokes that the artist weaves together into the stones represent solid self-discipline for every day. What this process carries are spiritual food and soul nourishment in his life.