Date 08 6 月, 2018
Project Type 2018


24 Mar,2018-5 May,2018


蔡依庭Yi-Ting Tsai






To Tsai, painting is like a diary recording the different stages of life. If we look at Tsai’s works closely, one may find that the artist undoubtedly puts her life history into the works during the formation of her creative style. In the exhibition at Beyond Gallery, it can be seen that the works are the observation and expression of a personal body from different angles, in which they are not only stemmed from the perspective of a woman but added with the experience of being a mother.

Since she had her last solo exhibition in 2013, Tsai had not held a solo exhibition for nearly five years. During the period of time, she has taken on another role—mother. Tsai is a full-time mother who has never given up her road to artistic creation. Even when she was already sporting a baby bump, she would go to the studio near her house every night. Although the studio space was not roomy, she insisted on unfastening the bundled watercolor papers, kneeing down and bending over on the floor to paint without distraction. To the artist, this is her everyday life.

Tsai named the exhibition Newborn.Confinement after thinking over for a long while. More than a dozen works on display were the recording of her feeling and status during the postnatal confinement after giving birth at the first time. She said, the confinement was a transitional period to her, in which it bore the physical adaptation and identity shift.



Yi-Ting Tsai, currently a full-time artist, was born in Hsinchu in 1981. She graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2004 and earned a Master’s Degree in art theories from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK in 2006. So far, she has had her exhibitions in Taiwan, Japan and the United Kingdom.