Date 24 10 月, 2023
Project Type 2023


28 Oct.,2023 – 13 Jan.,2024



Li Jiun-Yang





此次展覽集結了李俊陽超過上百件從過去到2023年最新創作、年分跨距很廣的:油畫、壓克力顏料畫布、木板畫、木雕彩繪、紙上繪畫,以及空間裝置等作品,歸屬於他的《七彩迷魂妙畫工》系列 ,是這十數年來作品風格的回望,展陳他一路行來多元面向的創作軌跡。


A decade since the previous occasion, Roles and Rituals marks the second solo exhibition of Li Jiun-Yang (the “Adept Artisan”) at Beyond Gallery. Over this not so short a time period, the Adept Artisan has exhibited at museums and art spaces not just in cities throughout Taiwan, but also abroad at Gwangju in Korea, Venice in Italy, Vancouver in Canada, Hong Kong, Yangon in Myanmar, and Warsaw in Poland, engaging in exchanges with people of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. He was also invited to participate in the 2018 Taiwan Biennale at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, as well as the upcoming 2024 Biennale of Sydney next March. Together with fellow artist Jinnshyan Lee (1957-2019), in 2012 he formed Theater for All. He has also formed musical bands with friends and acted in television dramas… to become an artist with the most distinctive, highly recognizable creative style among middle-generation Taiwanese artists.


This exhibition brings together over 100 artworks by Li Jiun-Yang, spanning a broad period from the past up to the present year of 2023. It encompasses a wide range of media, including oil painting, acrylic on canvas, woodblock, painted wood carvings, paintings on paper, and spatial installations. These artworks are part of his The Colorful Enchantment of the Adept Artisan series, offering a retrospective of his artistic style over more than the past decade, and tracing his diverse creative path.