Date 27 4 月, 2020
Project Type 2020


22 Feb,2020-04 Jul,2020


張恩慈CHANG En-Tzu






CHANG En-Tzu’s works are very distinctive. The artist is skilled at voicing the hopes and expectations of women toward life and living; and using protagonists from fairy tales as the creative axis, Chang takes a needle and thread to the pains, desires, and anxiety of real life to turn our definition of fairy tales on its head.

CHANG En-Tzu relates:

During this time I focused on slices of consciousness that have been buried, disembodied, fractured, and cut. Over the course of a woman’s growth, perhaps one can say that breaking the bonds of stereotypes is a ceaseless revolution. Along that road, we gather precious articles that had fallen to the ground. And that indestructible life force and full-scale preservation are the foundation for happiness and strength.

This installation elaborates on the creative concept of Perfect Imperfection-1 in which warm pliable sculptures appear. They must be treasures. Let’s see what you can find!


張恩慈(b.1983~)出生於高雄,曾獲得2008年高雄市立美術館第25屆高雄獎,2013年獲日本東京森美術館(Mori Art Museum)邀請參與十周年紀念展,是展覽中唯一受邀參展的台灣藝術家。

CHANG En-Tzu (b.1983~ ), a native of Kaohsiung, is a recipient of the 25th Kaohsiung Award from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2008. She also had the distinction of being the only Taiwanese artist invited to exhibit at the 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Mori Art Museum in Japan.