Date 27 6 月, 2019
Project Type 2019


22 Jun,2019 – 10 Aug,2019


林鴻文 Lin Hong-Wen






Lin Hong-Wen’s works do not use explicit symbols or literal descriptions, yet they offer glimpses of humanity and nature – local humanity and nature, that is.

Recently, many of Lin Hong-Wen’s works have distinct images, where nearly directly composed designs appear. As for images going forward, Lin Hong-Wen says that they may be more explicit about the world, using direct narrative. So we can anticipate a series of works with more direct images . Due to the nebulous  borders of the designs, the works exhibit a snappy force. Unlike fumbling in the dark of night, they are fully conceived forms.

Welded works are also about balance, the balance of bodily rhythms. Welded works are a beautiful comma in Lin Hong-Wen’s creative process, a placeholder, the easing of intention after rapidly condensing memories in the moment. Unlike painted lines, welded iron lines cannot just be drawn, but once each soldered joint is deliberately placed, the idea is slowly completed. Welding balances out painting’s speed, and Lin Hong-Wen slows down thought, letting his thoughts go through physical labor, and slowly but surely conceive the next work(s). According to Lin Hong-Wen, oftentimes while welding his brain has already stockpiled two or three works.