Date 26 11 月, 2019
Project Type 2019


23 Nov,2019 – 18 Jan,2020


胡坤榮Hu Kun-Jung






“I expect my works to be provided with unique, pure and quiet spaces which can intrigue viewers and provoke their thoughts. Light and shadow and the colors, just like those discussed in Impressionism, are foresighted as well as strict and methodical,” says Hu.

When in front of a crowd, Hu is a man of few words and seems to be slow of speech. Even so, he should live a life that he is happy and pleased with himself. He brews soya sauce, bakes bread and would definitely purchase meat from the butchers with whom he is familiar; he, who differs quite a bit from us, cultivates plants, raises goldfishes and pets dogs; he is absolutely autistic, fussy and doesn’t do as everybody else does. Moreover, he only faces geometric abstraction, deals with color, form and space throughout his career and life. He must be lonely, if not, he cannot make such tranquil paintings; he must be fussy, if not, he cannot be at peace with his own loneliness. Wild at Heart should be his inner and real self.